Welcome to the NMHOnline

Set Password page for New NMHOnline Users

It's time to create your NMHOnline password

  • Click the "New User - Set Password" link below.
  • On the next page, enter your email address. Make sure to enter  the address you have on file with us. This is the email we used to contact you about enrollment.
  • Log in to your email account and open the message with the subject NMHOnline New User - Set Password.
  • Click on the set password link in the message.
  • Enter your password in the "New password" and "Confirm new password" textboxes. Then click "Submit".
  • Click on the "Return to login" link and enter your username and newly created password. 

That's it! You're now in NMHOnline. 

 If you experience other technical difficulties, please email the helpdesk@nmhschool.org and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

New User - Set Password